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AMOIIA is a Netherlands based luxury leather goods house founded in 2019.


Leaving behind a background at the ministry of Defence I always wanted to feal confident, strong and powerfull in this masculine environment. That influenced the way I dress and the accessories I want to wear that make me feel good. My passion for luxury designer bags was difficult to combine with work because of the easy recognizable logo’s and design. What I felt that was missing for a working woman like me who wants to feel feminine but also powerfull and in charge became my drive for designing luxury bags. 


The bags need to be understated, personal and timeless. Luxury bags that give a woman a feeling of empowerment and true elegance and is made to be cherished. My intention is to focus on slow consumption and minimalistic design which is long lasting. I wanted to create a product that could be worn to different occasions and will get more beautiful with use.


The signature aesthetic is defined by classic and clean shapes and a masculine and strong appearance because of the use of edge painting while maintaining a feminine look and feel.


AMOIIA is a digital and direct-to-consumer brand. This way it’s possible to make the bag in Italy with the finest leather and craftsmanship at an accessible price point. And this way we can stay connected to you as our customer. We work with small productions. Once the small production is sold out you can sign in on the waiting list and you are the first to know when the next batch will be ready for purchase. And feel free to let us know what needs to be improved on a excisting bag or what kind of model you want to see next. There is a good change we will take your notes and wishes and make them reality. 

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