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Independent women are the source of inspiration for AMOIIA's luxury leather goods.


In From AMoiia to PM we introduce our muses as they take you along in their routines. 


Simone Frank is a Dutch based photographer and content creator. She started with shooting images from the age of thirteen and she turned her passion for photography into a full-time business. Nowadays, she likes to collaborate with brands and magazines to deliver series that really fits the client, including the campaign shoot of AMOIIA.


5:30 AM I always wake up early without an alarm. And if I will be late, my cat will wake me up. She is also in my routine so actually I can’t wake up after 6.30 because she wants her favorite tuna breakfast haha. I always start with a big bottle of filtered water and a bit of Celtic salt. After that me and my boyfriend always drink a double espresso in bed. 


6:00 AM I know it’s not the best but I’m very productive in the morning so if I need to work at home I start with 2 hours behind me laptop and getting the most important things or mails done for that day. I have a deadline for some portraits I did for Harper’s Bazaar. I have edited a lot yesterday but I need to finish the last 8 portraits and send them out! 


8:00 AM gym time, with a friend at home of performance. An strength and conditioning class, pretty intense but a good way to start the day! 


9:30 AM shower & dressing for the day 


10:00 AM call with Danique Dobbe & Ilja Guepin. We’re working on a dream project together and today we will meet online to brainstorm.


11:00 AM breakfast time! I mostly do intermittent fasting but it also depends on my cyclus and how I feel. I try to eat around 11 but never me to strict for myself. I eat 3 eggs with oregano, half avocado and a slice of black garlic. After that a raw yoghurt with seeds, and some fruit. Never forget your proteins after gym day haha:) 


11:30 AM back behind the laptop and editing a job from earlier that week from home. 


3:00 PM Going out for a walk and grocery shopping at the farm Hoeve Biesland. Me and my boyfriend eat everything organic and we try to buy as much local as we can. This cute farm is located near Rotterdam and it’s one of my favs for grocery shopping. They sell from their own farm and small farms in the surroundings. 


5:00 PM Back on the laptop answering some emails and working on my to do list for tomorrow. 


6:30 start cooking & diner


8:00 PM stop using screens. My phone always goes on flight mode around this time. I’ll quick clean the house and read a book before sleep time. 


9:30 PM sleep time!

Picture by Simone Frank
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